Fire Truck Structure

• 1937 Fire Truck Structure •
The 1937 Fire Engine Structure construction is now complete. Plans evolved from building a lean-to type structure to a small enclosed building that is the home of the Oak Creek's 1937 Fire Engine and an historic hose cart. We will continue to develope additional displays and signage in the building with other related artifacts. Enclosing the Engine will help preserve and protect this beautiful piece of history for generations. When the building is locked after hours, windows and a glass garage door allow visitors to view the artifacts and truck.         
Earlier Manual Cart
This two phase project was made possible by many volunteers, donations, and benefactors. For Phase I in 2012 - The Tracks & Trails Museum partnered with the Oak Creek Fire Protection District and the Town of Oak Creek to gain funds and to help match a received grant from MAHFAB (Museum & Heritage Fund Advisory Board) and man power to complete the site preparations and the foundation. There were many donors & businesses that helped contribute. In 2013 - we started the second phase of fund raising which included writing grants and working with donors construction was started and completed in 2015. We are so excited! Our donors and partners will be recognized at our open house and on a plaque that will become a permanent part of the building this coming Labor Day Weekend!
Foundation Progress
The next phase is to landscape around the Firetruck Structure and area between it and the Tracks & Trails Museum. This includes the Miner's Wall area. For the first step we will build a retaining wall behind this historic display. If you have a desire to help with the landscape phase, we have need of donations to meet grant requirements. Also there will be volunteer opportunities to serve.
For additional information - please feel free to contact us at the Tracks & Trails Museum - we will be happy to visit with you.